Eddy Arnold Albums


RCA AHL1-3914    A Man for All Seasons      1981

Bally-Hoo Days Don't Look Now (But We Just Fell in Love) The Rose I Wish That I Had Loved You Better      
If the World Should Ever Run Out of Love Happy Everything Lovin' in the Good Old Days There Are Women (Then There's My Woman)      
Love Can Move Mountains Two Hearts Beat Better Than One


RCA APL1-1817  EDDY     1976 

Cowboy My Woman's Eyes Goodbight Irene Freedom Ain't The Same As Being Free Remember The Good
Put Me Back Into Your World Don't Let The Good Times Roll Away I Wouldn't Be So Sad She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory We Found It In Each Other's Arms

RCA AHL1-4661 DON'T GIVE UP ON ME    1982

I Keep Running All I'm Missing Is You Don't Give Up On Me In Love With Loving You This Ain't Tennessee And She Ain't You
Don't Throw Our Love To The Wind Memories Of Us Missouri Woman Honey I Don't Love You Don't It Break Your Heart


July, You're A Woman Each Road I Take She Believes In Me New World In The Morning Where Love Has Died
Seven Bridges Road Some Lonely Picker All That Keeps Ya Goin' Closest I Ever Came My Way Of Life


My Broken Heart (Made Someone Happy) Hold Me (Till The Last Waltz Is Over) Close Enough To Love Making Memories Sweetheart
Wooden Heart We're Love Makers All This Could Have Been Mine Son The Blues Don't Care Who's Got 'Em

RCA LSP-4231 THE WARMTH OF EDDY    1963       

I Started A Joke You Don't Need Me Anymore My Way San Francisco Is A Lovely Town
Yesterday, When I Was Young You Fool Cycles Band Of Gold
What Have I Done For Her Lately To Sleep With You Then I'll Be Over You Note: Eleven  Songs On This Album

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